Thursday, May 7, 2009


Very carefully!! This Fairlington bath remodel provide provided us an opportunity to show case our skills not normally used in a typical bath remodel. One would think that laying the larger tile would be easier and faster than conventional size tile. On the contrary, the tile pieces all need to be inspected very closely for defects and cracks. The pieces that pass inspection are placed in a separate pile and the culls are then used for the pieces that need to be trimmed or cut to size. Placing 1 tile takes a bit more time to set due to the weight and then we can only set 1 course and have to wait for it to setup before we can set another course. On this particular job we had an angled wall that when we set the tile we applied a custom made support to hold the tile in place and then let it setup overnight. Sorry, no picture of that process.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


FW&D Remodeling Services recently completed construction of a custom shed in the Mt. Vernon section of Fairfax County Virginia. In the previous post we mentioned the details of the project. Well we completed the project and you can view the entire project via our YouTube video clip. The homeowner was so pleased with his shed that he has asked us to expand his deck and the neighbors have asked us to resurface their decks, install new windows, replace gutters, install exterior floodlights, install interior track lighting, and replace ceiling fans.