Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Super Satisfied!

At Fairlington Windows and Doors (FW&D), we always do our very best to meet and exceed our customer's expectations. Our customers deserve it and that's what they pay us for! Therefore, when we get feedback like the one below, it reminds us that we're doing what we're meant to do and makes us very happy that our actions are producing these results. See letter below:

To whom it may concern:

Recently, I had a basement renovation, and follow-on repair to a stairway wall, completed by Fairlington Window & Door LLC of Arlington, VA. Their craftmanship and results were superb. I would hire FW&D again and I would recommend FW&D to my friends. In fact, a friend recommended FW&D to me because she was pleased with their work. Their great reputation was well deserved.

For the renovation of my basement, FW&D gutted and replaced most of the ceiling, walls and floors. The old “popcorn” style ceiling and dated light fixtures were replaced with a modern flat surface ceiling and multiple recessed lights. Sheet rock, drywall and fresh paint replaced the old, painted over, wood paneled walls. Multiple new electrical sockets and cable connections were added to the walls. In one room downstairs, a bookshelf and cabinet combination turned a dull basement room into a comfortable library. Last, but not least, the craftsmanship in the new tile floor throughout the basement was outstanding. This was true particularly at two angled steps leading to an exterior stairway. The tile fits together precisely at angles that required expert cuts. The renovation was more than a home improvement; it turned my basement into art.

After the renovation was done, I had a mishap with furniture that was too tight for the interior stairway. Damage was done. I called FW&D for help and withing a short period of time all repairs were made. Again, the work was perfect. I remain pleased with FW&D. The community should be proud to have such a fine company of experts available to improve its homes.


Marc J. Thomas