Friday, October 30, 2009

Historic District Marketing Using Social Media

FW&D Remodeling Services marketing director, Ned Overton, attended the Internet Success System Master Mind Conference, hosted by Mark Hendricks in Atlanta, GA, starting on October 22, 2009. The main focus of the conference is internet marketing. Attendees enjoyed networking with industry leaders, hands on workshops, special mastermind sessions, and Mark’s famous Q & A session. Mark, pictured at right welcoming Ned Overton to the conference, is one of the few online marketers that offer attendees a special Q & A session to ask any question at all about internet marketing. To learn more about the Internet Success Conference and how you can attend visit

Previous attendees of the conference stated “This program is truly an educational experience”.

Cindi Dawson of said, "I truly benefited from the Internet Success System conference last weekend. I met lots of potential joint venture partners, learned how to create three different types of products very quickly and easily, and had a wonderful time."

Jim Straw, legendary marketing professional, said, “ Anyone who attends this conference will come away improved”.

Pictured left to right is the legendary Jim Straw, Ned Overton, and marketing genius Ken Compton.

The conference covered topics such as How To Develop a Press Release, Article Writing, Developing Video Presentations, and Using Facebook For Business.

“I generally try to get 1 nugget per day at a conference but at the Internet Success System Conference nuggets were flowing like an artesian well”, said Ned Overton of FW&D Remodeling Services.

FW&D Remodeling Services is located in the Fairlington Historic District in Arlington, Virginia.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

How To Make Your Fairlington Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

Do you feel cramped for space? Do you feel restricted when entertaining in your home? Then you should read these suggestions from an experienced design team and Fairlington residents.

Our first suggestion, assuming you live in a Fairlington Clarendon model, is to remove the non load bearing wall and replace the wall mounted cabinets with ceiling mounted cabinets. This makes the most of the space you do have, and opens up the room.

White cabinets or a light finish wood cabinet, such as a honey maple, give the perception of a more open space – dark colors tend to make to space more cave-like.

To add to the open feel, use glass front doors on both sides of the ceiling mounted cabinets. This visual trick keeps the kitchen from feeling closed off, and gives a nice flow from room to room.

Next, install recessed lights to free the ceiling area and focus the cone of light on the lighter cabinets.

There are additional benefits to remodeling your Fairlington kitchen with these suggestions. You now have more counter space. The feel of the open kitchen may spark positive life style changes. You’ll be more receptive to entertaining and perhaps the best benefit; it will increase the re-sale value of your home.

These are but a few suggestions to enhance the look and feel of your Fairlington kitchen.

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