Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Replacing Rotten Wood

Frequently, during a window replacement presentation, I am asked the question "what happens if you find rotten wood?". The answer is whenever we find rotten wood we replace it and do not cover it up. I will add, that in the last 8 years of replacing windows in the Fairlington neighborhood, I have
only had 10 experiences of rotten wood replacement. Typically we will take pictures and send them to the homeowner to document the problem and the fix.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Review: May Island

Looking for a new place for dinner, or someplace a bit more interesting to take friends from out of town? Try out a local gem – May Island. Incredibly unpretentious, but heavy on the wow factor, this Quaker Lane hidden treasure is sure to impress. Located right next to a 7-11, one might feel a bit uncertain upon entering this small restaurant. The establishment has made the most of it’s small space, but it still only holds a handful of tables (have no fear – we had no trouble getting a seat, as their takeout option is more heavily visited – also a great option!)
The large menu might have been overwhelming, had I not been told that Sushi was the real reason to visit this establishment. Wanting a good variety, our table settled on ordering four Sushi rolls and one Sashimi Deluxe. While I would definitely recommend this approach of table sharing, just so more selections can be tasted, I will say that we had FAR too much food! Expect sizable portions here.
While we waited for our food, we munched on some salad and sipped our soup. The miso soup was fairly standard, while still very good. But the first taste of the wonton soup elicited a more enthusiastic response – this often unimpressive starter was delightful, with a good amount of hearty wontons. Several at the table also sipped green tea, which the pleasant waitress was quick to refill.
But the excitement really started when the first main dish arrived – we had told our waitress of our table-sharing plans, and she kindly brought the dishes out one by one. First things first – the presentation was incredible. Each dish was visually spectacular, enough where you hesitated to dig in. Of course, after the first bite, that inclination was squashed.
First out – The Royal Roll:

This dish was unanimously the favorite of the table. The flavors blended so perfectly, with a subtle sweetness, and the texture of the tempura added a bit more depth to the roll. This would even be a nice roll to introduce to those friends who are new to the sushi world, as the raw presence is less noticeable to the palate.
Next up was the Ocean Roll:

Again, I have to applaud the presentation of this dish, but it was also delicious! While the flavors weren’t quite as complex or exciting, this would definitely be a strong recommendation. The white tuna on top was so fresh, and complemented the flavors of the roll beautifully.
Next, we moved on to something a bit different – the Sashimi Deluxe:

This dish is for the slightly more adventurous, as there is no rice or other ingredients. Sashimi is truly about incredible, fresh fish, and May Island really delivered. The texture of the fish, and the delicate flavors, not only testified to the freshness, but to the quality as well.
On to dish number 4 – starting to get pretty full at this point, but definitely found space for the Rainbow Roll:

This delicious roll had four different topping options, lending to its “rainbow” appearance. All the options were fantastic, and it was nice to see how the flavor of each fish blended with the ingredients in the roll.
Last up was the Pink Lady:

This dish, while we were already on the verge of being stuffed, was also a favorite. The chef’s special sauce on top was exquisite, and the flavors phenomenal. Again, as we did throughout the entire meal, we marveled over the gorgeous (and adorable – check out those tomato rabbits!) presentation. What a beautiful way to spend a delicious meal. The sushi at May Island was truly spectacular – a must-try for Arlington residents.

May Island
1669 North Quaker Lane
Alexandria, VA 22302-2338
(703) 575-4455