Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For A Beautiful Basement...

Is your basement just a place where you store boxes? Wouldn’t it be great if it could be part of your living space – an area you really want to hang out in with the family? See how you can turn your dark, damp, uninviting basement into a beautiful addition to your home.

Oftentimes, basements don’t have a separation between the usable space and the unsightly necessities, like this furnace and hot water heater. Also, the W/D and fridge, while a nice thing to have in the basement, aren’t exactly things you want to sit by and relax.

So the first thing we suggest is separating your usable space from that basement clutter! Here, we added framing around those areas. They do need to be accessible, obviously, but you’ll see more of that in later pictures.

Adding these walls not only separates these home appliances from the space, it also creates sections to a large area, allowing you to designate different corners to different uses. For example, this couple wanted to have all their exercise equipment in the basement, but didn’t want it to be a solely “workout zone.”

Once the walls were up, they were free to create a living area on one side of the basement:

And turn the opposite into a beautiful home gym!

The different flooring not only help separate the spaces, but are more conducive to a workout area.

Remember those unsightly home appliances? Now they are easily accessible, but hidden away, creating a fresh, inviting space.

Sometimes the pile of laundry gets a little high, we understand. How nice to be able to close the laundry room door and relax in your newest home space for a bit – the laundry can wait til tomorrow!