Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Window Cleaning

Spring Clean Your Windows

Remember how clear the view was when FW&D installed your new windows. And now after a few years of not always getting them washed at Spring cleaning or the Fall cleaning, because we’re busy doing the things we enjoy in life, the windows are showing signs, especially when the sun hits them, of dirt and streaks.

I recently met Steve Mields of Blue Sky and used his service to clean the windows and doors in my Fairlington townhouse. Not only did he clean the glass on the inside and outside, he cleaned the frames and then pulled out all of the screens and dusted them off with a brush.

I only recommend the services of people I like and trust and Steve of Blue Sky did an outstanding job with a task that I dread doing every year. Now the natural light once again gleams in my home.

If you would like to have your windows glisten once again you can contact Blue Sky at 571-721-8331 or email Steve at As a reminder, during your Spring cleaning you find that there’s something in your home you would like to fix or change, call FW&D for a free estimate today.

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